You deserve kindness, love and respect.

The way you treat yourself is anything but those things. You don’t feel comfortable in your body and your brain has been highjacked by anxiety. There is no ease when you are alone or when you are in social situations. It’s hard to be present when you are worried about being judged or you are flat out tired from hating yourself. You always strive to be the best and do the right thing but the truth is…

You need a different view. 



When you look in the mirror or look at your plate, lots of emotions come up for you but it’s time to start accepting this body you are in. We help people who want to feel comfortable in their skin and change how they relate to themselves.



Anxiety and perfectionism are wearing you down. It’s time for you to find the other parts of you that bring calm and ease. Discover what life is like when you are less rigid and more resilient.



How you feel everyday consumes you and keeps you from enjoying people you love and who love you. We work with people who want better, healthier relationships that come with connection and acceptance.

Expert Counseling From Body Positive Therapists


Inside Wellness is a team of licensed mental health professionals who approach every person who walks through the door with acceptance. Whether you are struggling with your anxiety or need help letting go of the self- criticism we are here for you.