You’ve been looking for help.

As you scroll through the list of therapists on google, how do you know who can help?

We believe and know that to have a positive outcome in therapy, you have to find the right therapist for you. Success is built on the trust and relationship you have with the person helping you. We have a team of therapists, all who are skilled in helping with body image, eating disorders and anxiety as well as looking at the relationships of each person who walks through our doors so that as you feel better, so do the relationships around you.

Sometimes, you just need to reach out and have a consult to find the right therapist for you. The first step is booking an appointment. Click below to get started.


Meet the Team

Taylor Wells, LCSW  Eating Disorder, Anxiety, and Body Image Therapist

Taylor Wells, LCSW Eating Disorder, Anxiety, and Body Image Therapist

When you look in the mirror you don’t ever love what you see staring back at you. You feel critical of how your life is going, what you look like, and how others may perceive you. The thoughts you have are on overdrive and the self-criticism is never-ending, and everything just feels wrong! Your anxiety is on overdrive, and you are tired. You’ve tried dieting, restricting, over-eating, exercising excessively, and overachieving in all of its forms. No matter what you’ve tried, you still feel like you are falling short and things have not gotten better.

My clients quickly catch the traction they’ve been hoping for by learning specialized tools to combat the unrelenting and unrealistic internal chatter that other people don’t seem to fully understand. They learn skills that lead to establishing a healthy relationship with food, making peace with your body, and restoring balance into their lives. So if you are ready to have perfectionism, anxiety & self-criticism in your rearview mirror, then give me a call. I look forward to helping you feel connected & whole again.

My areas of expertise include eating disorders, anxiety, shame, perfectionism, stress management, life transitions, and self-acceptance.

My clinical experiences prior to Inside Wellness have included working at an eating disorder clinic on both an inpatient & outpatient basis, as well as the student counseling center at the University of Utah.

Wendy Jensen, LCSW CDWF  Eating Disorder and Body Image Expert and Anxiety Specialist

Wendy Jensen, LCSW CDWF Eating Disorder and Body Image Expert and Anxiety Specialist

Tired of trying the same old things to feel better and not getting results? Here at Inside Wellness you will start changing how you experience life from the inside out! If you interested in healing relationships, building back your confidence and cultivating balance & joy in your life then give us a call. We believe that change is possible for everyone. It starts in a confidential and supportive environment where together we can explore your needs, elements of change, and how we can begin to help you to elevate your quality of living.

I have 15+ years of experience working with women to enhance their overall wellness. My area’s of expertise include: eating disorder work, body image improvement, emotional resiliency, life transitions, and mood disruption & disorders such as grief, anxiety & depression.

In addition to individual therapy, I also facilitate two groups that are the curriculum of Dr. Brene Brown, author of The Gifts of Imperfection, The Daring Way, and Rising Strong. If you are interested in group participation only, please let me know upon intake.