Your relationship with your body and food…It’s a struggle.

When you look in the mirror and criticisms cycle through your brain. You don’t feel like your body fits you at all. You can’t stop thinking about what needs to change in order for you to be finally happy. But no matter how hard you try, whatever you do, it never feels like enough.

Being in your body has gotten uncomfortable. You avoid doing things that you would otherwise love. You find yourself isolating from relationships out of fear that someone will notice that something is wrong.  Or you worry they won’t see how hard you are really struggling right now. The people who do know you and your struggles are worried, but you do your best to hide what’s going on anyhow.

With over 15 years of experience, we help people break the cycles of binging, restricting and body shaming. Our clients gain a new found confidence in who they are, inside and out. They stop the obsession and begin to love themselves and to treat their bodies with kindness, acceptance, and love.  Our team believes in body diversity and inclusivity, providing services from the philosophy of Health at Every Size (HAES).

If you are looking for help with an eating disorder or if you struggle with your body image, contact us for a free consultation to discover how we can help.